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Amazon auto responder

Grow your Amazon storefront with email automation!

Automate Amazon communications for efficient management of your Amazon seller account. Enjoy superior customer service metrics, without expending time & resources on tedious customer communications.

  • Increase your customer service rating
  • Customizable templates, response settings and more
  • 24/7 coverage, including weekends & holidays
  • One-time low fee, no subscription required

How Does E-Z Cloud Amazon Auto Responder Work?

Our application installs easily into your Gmail account. Configure settings the way you want, then Amazon Auto Responder does the rest:

Automated response

Reading and responding to every customer email requires a massive commitment of time and resources. Amazon Auto Responder can be set to reply to unread messages within 10 minutes, to ensure optimal customer service metrics.

Customizable response templates

Create new responses whenever you need them, including for weekend replies, holiday hours, when you’re away from the office, etc.

24/7 coverage

E-Z Cloud Amazon Auto Responder is ideal for busy Amazon seller accounts, off-hours & holidays, or any account that requires simple, efficient and effective customer communication management.

Now you can enjoy ultimate communications efficiency, just like major vendors use. Power your Amazon storefront to the very top, while you save time & resources… it’s easy to get started!

Price $350