Amazon fba storage fee calculator

If your an amazon seller im sure you already know, that amazon can often change their storage fee. If it you have a lot of items it can get pretty inconvenient as your cost will be more and you may need to increase your selling price or min price for your repricer.
But dont worry! we made a program that simple and easy. All you do is enter your asins into a google doc and our program will run (will check one asin per min to avoid google fees and limitation so program won’t have any hosting fee) and our program will check what Amazon will charge for this item if u sell it at $0. so this means u will get Amazon based fees for this item. Then in the doc you can make your own formula that will give you the exact fee based on the price you will set (as that goes by % so it will be Amazon base fee+ that %) it’s that easy!
we can also add asin sales rank and buy box so that you can match what your profit will be if you match the buy box.
This software is designed to work along with Google Docs and allows entering Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) on Amazon Revenue Calculator. If you ever struggled with setting a price on Amazon then you can forget about it once and for all. The program will return the storage fee that will be available for you. You will be able to set the minimum price, as well as Amazon fee, Amazon fee percentage and the markup margin. There is a possibility to add several features on top of the existing ones. For example, one can purchase the products with box data. This will show what exactly profit you are about to make in case if the value for the buy box will be the same. On demand,
Fba revenue calculator will automatically check a document with that contains your ASIN and afterwards it will return the update of the full storage price for that product. This will give you an opportunity to make calculations in the document in order to discover which selling price to set for it.