Amazon feedback program

Use this program to send email requesting feedback. The program requires a one-time payment AND no MONTHLY FEE BASED ON EMAIL VOLUME .



program will  automatically send an email to the customer  once an item is delivered this will increase your feedback as customers see that you care and track the packages +if they have issues on the date of delivery they would rather reply to your email then opening a a-z claim or to leave negative feedback


  1. Every day system pulls orders info from the Amazon(fro additional fee you can also have it for ebay ) and stores the info in the internal data storage.

  2. Then it takes orders and tracks if the product was delivered (given tracking number and delivery service are set for the order).if you have a ship station account it can pull the tracking from ship station otherwise it will take it form your amazon seller account

  3. If delivery was successful – the message according to predefined template format is sent to the seller and (or) buyer notifying about the successful delivery, asking for feedback (if necessary) etc.

  4. If delivery was not successful for some predefined amount of days (varies depending on the configuration and delivery carrier chosen) – system sends message according to predefined template to the seller and (or) buyer about the delivery failure.


Currently project has the following features:

  • If tracking info was not set initially – system still checks if this info was added for additional few days.

  • Messaging can be configured:

    • Whether system should sent (not) delivered messages to buyers (sellers)

    • It’s possible to configure how long to track delivery for every mailing service separately.

  • Notifications if buyer left a negative or neutral feedback.

Planned features:

  • Per asin configuration of the feedback functionality (including email templates).

  • Automatic requests for product reviews after a set amount of time, but only for users that had left a positive feedback earlier.

  • Better and easier to use configuration interface

  • Better and more intelligent orders tracking

    • Taking into account orders status (processing canceled orders etc.)

    • Taking into account if there is already a feedback from the user

    • Taking into account whether seller already communicated with buyer

    • Processing refund cases

    • Checking or not buyer had communication with the seller

    • Checking whether user had left a feedback already

  • Setup options:

    • Any VPS: has additional monthly fee (about 4-10 usd per month depending on usage)

      • OVH VPS


      • etc

    • Any PC or Server:

      • Linux

      • Windows

    Script setup on the server of your choice is free.