Automated Price Maker

If your pricing is not being closely monitored, you can lose sales or even possibly sell at a loss. Save time and increase your sales and profits by automating your pricing with the EZ Cloud Automated Pricer. The EZ Cloud Automated Pricer includes many great features not found in other pricing softwares.

Pricing Adjustments by
Fulfillment Fee Monitoring

If Amazon changes the weight of your item and your FBA fulfillment fees increase, months may go by before the change is discovered. This program will monitor Amazon’s FBA fees and automatically increase or decrease your Amazon price keeping your item profitable.

Maintaining MAP (Minimum Advertised Price)

The program will check to see if MAP pricing is enforced. If so, the program will ensure that the minimum and maximum prices are not set to be lower than MAP.

Profitability and pricing analysis

Besides generating a price based on your margins and shipping costs, the program will also show you based on your current selling price what your profit amount and margin will be for each item.

Pricing Adjustments by Fulfillment Method

When you have multiple listings on Amazon it can be difficult and time consuming to stay on top of inventories and maintain profitable pricing for items that are Fulfilled by Amazon versus items that are Dropship. This program will help you do that. It will track your inventories and help set the best price for your items whether they are Fulfilled by Amazon or Dropship to make sure you meet your margins to stay profitable. For example, if your item is located at Amazon, then the program will only count the shipping cost based on the multi-fulfillment rate for Jet, Walmart, etc. For Amazon, the program will use the Amazon fulfillment rate since Amazon charges a different amount whether the item is sold on Amazon or not. Also, if the item in Seller Cloud does not have the weight listed, the program will pull the data automatically from Amazon and update the database to calculate the correct shipping cost.

Customizable Pricing Adjustments to Minimize Storage Fees

This program can help you avoid storage fees on your older merchandise by tracking the age of the inventory. It will help you lower the price to improve sales on these older inventory items. It gives you the optimum custom pricing solution to help the inventory sell faster and prevent storage fees. We can customize the program according to your specific needs at a fraction of the price of a totally custom program because the framework is built – we just add your custom rules to the program so you get the exact solution you need to fit your business.

The Customizable Pricing Solution Every Amazon Seller Needs

The program is truly adaptable to your needs. It will calculate your item cost, add a default margin percent (both minimum and maximum), and add the shipping costs by item location. If the item is Dropship, it will recalculate the item price including new shipping fees and Amazon fees to keep your margins and stay profitable regardless of fulfillment type. Also, if an item is dropship, the program will push to Seller Central that this item is ship from vendor so any orders for the item won’t be in your daily shipping pick list and will have a custom filter that the item is dropship. Currently the program is configured to work with Seller Cloud but can be adapted for any system.
Supports Amazon,eBay, Walmart, Jet, and your own website. New features being added all the time! The EZ Cloud Automated Pricer program is also adaptable for eBay and Walmart listings at this time.

The EZ Cloud Automated Pricer supports Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Jet, and even your own website. This pricemaker is also adaptable for eBay through software integrations. Easily modify variables and generate accurate pricing maintaining margins and keep ahead of the competition on any marketplace.
Calculating Prices
Calculate price based on warehouse location, individual vendor, and marketplace factors such as shipping changes. If your supplier changes the price, simply change your cost in our software and we calculate to maintain margins and update your repricer software. The system can even pull API, Google Doc, or FTP files and calculate the new minimum and maximum price for Amazon, Walmart, Jet, eBay, website shopping carts, or any other marketplace with custom integration. Do you want to base other marketplaces off Amazon… it does that too.
Pricemaker works with any repricer with FTP capabilities such as Chanel Max, Appeagle, Sellercloud, and eBay repricer Price Spectre.
Synchronize with your warehouse or dropshipper inventory ftp feeds. Customize where to pull data on the feed then set inventory thresholds and quantities for price adjustments. We connect the dots so you know which inventory to set your prices with. Synchronize with your warehouse or dropshipper inventory ftp feeds. Customize where to pull data on the feed then set inventory thresholds and quantities for price adjustments. We connect the dots so you know which inventory to set your prices with.
Category Mapping
Easily set Walmart, Jet, and Pricefalls categories based on the Amazon’s product category tracked through the Amazon ASIN.
eBay Repriser
Integrates with Price Spectre the eBay repricer, enhancing its capabilities to keep you ahead of the competition by including margin, and shipping variables in its repricing calculations.
Profit calculation for SKU before starting sell particular product
Using this powerful repricer program to calculate profit based on all factors before purchasing or listing can help you know your margin, avoid low profit products, and find high profit products. Instantly see all your current profit margins to make proactive price changes. This is actionable data that helps you make sound business strategy decisions.
Use competitor pricing to see potential margins
Get actionable information on competitor pricing and profit using Pricemaker’s powerful software. You can input your competitor price even if it is below your minimum price and Pricemaker will provide your possible margin and profit. Matching competitors using real data has never been easier.
Maintain margins with fluctuating currency exchange rates
Pricemaker automatically calculates and adjusts price when selling in multiple currencies. This allows you to keep your profit margin, even with fluctuating currency exchange rates and duty fees. It does all the work for you across multiple marketplaces and currencies.