Restocking system

EZ Cloud Restocking system

The EZ Cloud Restocking System gives the information
you need to manage your Amazon FBA business
for US, CA, and all EU marketplaces.

Sales Trands

For example, you’ll be able to easily see when a SKU is selling better so you can send more inventory. Or, if sales slow down, you can promote the item or lower the price.

Raw data

Other systems give you an amount to restock that you have to trust is accurate. This system will give you the data so you can make your own decision. Select the amount of days you would like to use as your restocking guide and the system will show the quantity needed based on those inputs. For example, you can choose to analyze based on the last 3 days, last 7 days, or specific dates such as the same period last year, then you can compare the results to your recent sales trends for the best restocking amount for your business.

Advanced Features

Advanced features include exporting the data so you can easily place orders with your vendors. You can even add your Vendor’s SKU numbers to the system to make reorders easier. Other features include the option to add tags that will allow for filtering to quickly sort the data. You can add tags by Vendor and filter to see products only from that Vendor. Or, add tags by Season and filter by specific Seasons.

Custom Coding

Don’t see the features you need? Contact us today for a custom solution created just for you and your business.

Quickbooks Integration

Coming soon! Quickbook integration so you can quickly and easily create a purchase order via the Restocking System.