TaskFlow by EZ Cloud for SellerCloud, Help Scout, and Email Automation


Help Scout messages are matched to the respective SellerCloud orders.


A note is automatically added into Help Scout conversation with link to
SellerCloud order to easily navigate back to SellerCloud with one click.


A note is automatically added into SellerCloud order with link to the Help Scout conversation to easily navigate back to Help Scout with one click.


Automatically adds Help Scout messages from both the customer and your customer support team in SellerCloud under “customer instructions” with easily identifiable style to reduce confusion on whether messages are from the customers or your custom support team. Rewviewing orders is easier when you can see the full conversation between the customer and your support team inside SellerCloud order.


Automatically updates customer “CC” field for select number of eBay-related rules. Without TaskFlow, SellerCloud only stores PayPal email while eBay messages email changes every 60 days. With TaskFlow it is possible to send emails to customers in SellerCloud with a copy of the entire conversation included.


You can send emails to customers inside SellerCloud and TaskFlow will include a copy of entire conversations
and use SellerCloud templates that include template placeholders for customer service instructions and notes.