Taskflow seller cloud email ticketing system

What is it?

Connect your HelpScout tickets with SellerCloud orders for ease of use and improved efficiency. That’s what this project primarily aims for. Your convenience and time are our primary concerns.


What does it do?

Application tries it’s best to intelligently match your incoming emails with respective orders in SellerCloud, and then add links to both SellerCloud and your emailing system for easy navigation back and forth.

Essentially it just saves time for your customer support team for them to help customers efficiently instead of searching for relevant order info. Project also automates some of the common tasks.

Current iteration works with HelpScout and SellerCloud and connects them together:

  1. Project tries to match every HelpScout message that arrives with the respective SellerCloud order
  2. Project then adds a note into HelpScout conversation with the url to the SellerCloud order for convenient navigation back and forth
  3. image00
  4. Vice versa project then adds note into SellerCloud order with the url to the HelpScout conversation for convenient navigation back and forth
  5. image03
  6. Project also adds any HelpScout message (whether it is from user or from your customer support team) as a part of Customer Instructions in SellerCloud with distinct look and feel depending on if it’s a message from customer or from customer support.

Makes the order review process much more convenient when you are able to see full conversation between customer and support inside the order itself.


Project also updates customer CC email value for select number of ebay-related rules. By default SellerCloud only stores PayPal email wile Ebay Messages email changes every 60 days. It is also possible to send emails to the customer via SellerCloud with the copy of the whole conversation included (via appropriate placeholders use).

7.You can also send emails to the customer via sellercoloud and it will include copy of the email conversations (as sellecloud email templates includes place holders for order customer instructions/customer service notes (used for reply)

It’s also possible to

  • Add additional rules to match orders with
  • Integrate more services to connect (for example slack, or some other kind of ticket tracker) to exchange data between
  • Add additional tasks to automatically take care of (create new SellerCloud orders based on email contents, send special email notifications, send chat notifications etc)


Taskflow project is not affiliated with SellerCloud or Helpscout in any way. All company and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.