Ebay/Amazon feedback& delivery program

Enjoy ultimate worry-free automation that boosts your seller account rating!

Managing customer communications and requests is the biggest barrier that prevents eBay sellers from growing their business. Don’t let pointless buyer inquiries and emails negatively impact your seller rating, let our eBay Feedback & Delivery Program reduce your workload and optimize communications management:
  • Automatically message customers quickly & directly to avoid open cases that lower your seller rating
  • Reduce customer returns
  • Improve customer loyalty
  • One-time low fee, no subscription required
How Does E-Z Cloud eBay Feedback & Delivery Program Work?
Our system is simple, effective and designed to help you grow your online business. Here’s how E-Z Cloud eBay Feedback & Delivery Program helps you:

Automated delivery. Customers also receive an email following delivery, to confirm satisfaction and help prevent opening new eBay cases. The email encourages customers to contact you by hitting “reply,” instead of going through eBay and automatically opening a case that negatively affects your performance ratings.
Monitor shipping status. Automatically track delivery dates and know ahead of time if there’s a delay. This program automatically messages customers to notify them of any delay, which greatly reduces the likelihood they send a message that opens an eBay case
Automated delivery monitoring. Receive email messages when delivery does not occur on preset date – stay ahead of shipping problems without having to constantly monitor individual orders.
Automated order notification. Customers automatically receive order confirmation, including items listing, order number, delivery date, contact information and more. Diligent confirmation builds customer trust and loyalty, eliminates 90% of initial customer inquiries.
Personal communication. Customers are immediately reassured about your professionalism & reliability, making them less likely to waste your time with inquiries and more likely to buy from you again!
Simple and reliable automation that boosts your seller rating, reduces your busy work and creates happy customers eager to buy from you again – that’s the E-Z Cloud eBay Feedback & Delivery Program difference!




  • One time-low fee, unlike competitors who typically have high monthly fees.
  • Up to 100,000 monthly emails free.
  • Our solution sends messages via ebay, to ensure customers read them as opposed to email.
  • Based solutions which often go unread.
  • System pulls orders info from eBay and stores data in internal data storage.
  • Checks orders and tracks if product was delivered.
  • If delivery was successful: a predefined and customized message is sent to the seller and/or buyer notifying about successful delivery, asking for feedback (if necessary), etc.
  • If delivery was not successful for predefined amount of time (varies depending on the configuration and delivery carrier chosen): the system sends a message according to predefined template to the seller and/or buyer about the delivery failure; this allows the seller to contact the carrier when needed before any client complaint.
  • Email templates allow for easy and direct communication between the client and seller, avoiding the use of the eBay open case framework.


Current features:
  • Notification of negative or neutral feedback.
  • Tracking info verification.
  • Customizable messaging configuration.
  • Select eBay Message or email for delivery.
  • Customizable options to track delivery based on delivery provider.
  • Automatic request for product review.
Setup options:
  • Any VPS (additional usage-based monthly fee may apply)
  • Any PC or server, Linux and Windows support
Upcoming Expanded Features:
  • SUPPORT FOR AMAZON now in Beta development!
  • Enhanced user interface
  • Enhanced order tracking
  • Enhanced feedback configuration options.
  • Automatic request for product reviews after set amount of time, for users who left positive feedback earlier.
  • Per ASIN/eBay item ID configuration of feedback request.
  • Additional email templates.
  • Checks if buyer communicated with seller, will not send message in that case.
  • Checks if order was refunded prior to sending feedback request.



30 day fee support


30 day fee support



60 day fee support

add ons /maintenance $45 an hour

Script setup on the server of your choice is free.