Fba Reimbursement

Don’t leave money on the table or Amazon reimbursements to chance, get automation support to ensure no FBA reimbursements EVER fall through the cracks!

FBA Reimbursement Tool - Get the money back that Amazon owes you!
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11 Reports

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Case Management System

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11 Reports

14 FBA Issues Covered

Web Based Reports

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Case Management System

Web Based Reporting will automatically notify you when reimbursement opportunities are expiring soon within Amazon’s system. Get the most back from Amazon with a more user friendly experience to help you retrieve the most money.

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EZ Cloud also offers assistance opening cases by our trained Amazon experts for only $10 an hour. Let us do the busy work so you can focus on growing your business. When you use our services for opening cases you get a $10 monthly discount on the FBA Reimbursement Tool. For more hands on business owners we can train you for only $15 an hour. Learn how to open FBA reimbursement cases yourself.

*$10 per hour Cases opened by EZ Cloud team
*Training available for $15 per hour Cases opened by EZ Cloud team

Prefer commission based billing? EZ Cloud’s
fee is 25% of recovered amount.

Snapshot Report $5

Includes a) start date quantity, b) current quantity, c) activity since start date (inbound shipments, removals, orders, adjustments), d) discrepancies between expected and current quantity, e) inventory adjustment report (Will check for items Amazon reports as lost/damaged goods with cross check and filters if the reason qualifies for reimbursement).The data is displayed SKU by SKU in an easy copy-and-paste format so you can easily open cases.

Order Discrepancy $5

The item was not returned within 45 days. The customer was refunded but Amazon did not reimburse you for the unit.

Fee Report $5

Will cross check the weight fees to verify against being overcharged by Amazon.

FBA Shipments Not Received $5

Report contains all FBA shipments with receiving issues. Easily compiles data across all your FBA shipments for where Amazon reports items are not received and overages. The report is more accurate and thorough than doing manual checks on your shipments and provides all your shipment information in an easy to read and concise format. The report compares all your shipment data at one time including missing units or overages of the same SKU. The report will show any weight discrepancy because if there is too much weight discrepancy between carrier weight and shipment weight, then Amazon will reject the case. This report helps prevent filing false claims to Amazon which can impact your inbound performance metrics which can result in losing FBA privileges. In addition, if Amazon is refusing to reimburse to do an overage in another shipment, this report double checks that Amazon’s claims are accurate.

Removal Orders $5

Tracks items not shipped back to you for over 30 days or items that have shipped over 30 days ago and are not delivered.

Wrong Weight $5

Compares item weight (or old fee preview report) with Amazon to find changes and increased charges. The report can also notify you via email when Amazon makes a change to your listings’ weights or dimensions so you can increase your price accordingly to stay profitable.

Inventory Reimbursement Amount Discrepancy $5

Reports refunds received for inventory less than the item’s current selling price minus applicable selling fees.

Order Returns Not Added Back To Inventory $5

Tracks order returns that have not been added back into your inventory even if they show on Amazon’s reports as returned.

Order Reimbursement Amount Discrepancy $5

Customer received larger refund than amount of initial purchase.

Missed Refund $5

Reports reimbursements not showing in your settlement report indicating that Amazon never actually gave you back your money.

Wrong Refferal Fee $5

Detects if your ASIN category should be charged lower referral fees.

VAT Tool $60

Auto reply to customers asking for invoices with their specific invoice and their order information by detecting words in the subject or body of emails. Can also automatically add the VAT when selected.

FBA Return Tracker Report $75

A must-have report for high volume sellers and manufacturers to closely and carefully monitor quality control by tracking changes in return rate by SKU. The report tracks orders and refunds by SKU to find increases in unit refund rate. Specify the return rate % and filter the report weekly, bi-weekly, 30, or 60 days. Easily compare to previous periods by filtering the data week to week, month to month, or 60 days to 60 days. Quickly locate the exact time period or shipment that is having a higher defect or return rate. The dashboard will show you the full breakdown so that you can contact the correct vendor or resolve the exact issue quickly before your listing is deactivated.

Daily Sales and FBA Stock Levels Report Click for details
Tracks your daily sales and inventory and provides the detailed data you need to make decisions for replenishing and re-stocking FBA inventory. Utilize advanced filters to customize your restocking quantities. For example, you can select a 30 day period for re-order and the system will show the order quantity needed based on 3 days’ sales history and then based on 7 days’ sales history. New features coming soon: Quickbooks integration will sync on-hand quantity and quantity on purchase order. Easily create Purchase Orders from our system to send to your Vendor for re-orders. Quickbook integration will sync on hand quantity and the quantity on the PO as well as create new POs from the EZ Cloud system.
Flat Fee
Our team trains you and then program is self service.
Flat Fee+Full Service
Trained specialists submit cases for you at an hourly rate.
Commission Based
Pay nothing up front and only pay 25% of what we recover.

Case Management System

Track your open cases, and amount claimed, and the results of the cases. You can quickly see how many cases were successful or how many were rejected.

For example, to open cases, easily copy and paste your specific account details from the system directly into Seller Central.
With one click you can get assistance on cases by the EZ Cloud team to review your individual case and help guide you through the process. We are an automation company with personal service.

per year for Case Management System without other reports

Reports Dashboard

The Reports Dashboard auto-updates to always have your most recent data. Many new updates have been made for Amazon and will be available only in the new Dashboard, but not the Excel reports.

Once you have the details from the Dashboard, you can easily open cases to get money back that Amazon owes you. Simply copy and paste your specific account details from the system directly into Seller Central. Now you do not need to use excel to analyze your reports!

Amazon doesn’t always catch lost items, but you will with E-Z Cloud FBA Reimbursement.
BUT, did you know Amazon doesn’t always ‘catch it’ when they lose your item? Those items are ‘Reimbursable Lost Items’ and our program will help you to get reimbursed for them.

How Does E-Z Cloud FBA Reimbursement Program Work?

Our system is extremely simple to use and optimized for busy stores.
The process makes managing FBA reimbursements easy:

We connect to your Amazon account via API.
All orders/items that qualify for Amazon Reimbursement are automatically collected.
We automatically check if Amazon has reimbursed you for those orders/items.
Non-reimbursed orders/items are collected into a single report you can submit to Amazon.