Time is money.
Automate and save money.

And We Know How to Do It!

We offer simple, customized and comprehensive solutions for your business. Our team has unmatched experience in the development of automation and streamlining of all kinds of business logic processes and otherwise important but tedious and expensive labor intensive tasks.

We study your business’ workflow, find bottlenecks and weakest links, and develop a script or program that removes these obstacles to your growth so that you can focus on running and expanding your business! Optimization, Automation and Efficiency is what we live for and can bring to you!

Let our code do the heavy lifting for you 24 hours a day!

That's how it works

Our consultants will get in touch with you at your convenience, and quickly set out on finding out how we can improve your bottom line!

As a result, you will be able to save


How do we do that?

We have assembled a team of formidable developers, versed in a wide breadth of technology platforms, who share a high expertise in systems efficiency and automation coding.

And much more, receive an individualized custom tailored solution!

The biggest drawback in mass produced “one-size-fits-all” solutions are the great deal of bulky unnecessary modules, while at the same time missing key features you would greatly benefit from. The result is often hard to implement, and inefficient.

And that’s not all!!!

We can develop a custom solution for any framework and written in any programming language. Likewise, we can integrate your custom solution to any major CMS.

Here are some recent examples of our money-saving automation and integration solutions!

Amazon,eBay ,Walmart auto responder
Auto Replies to emails and increases your response time
Restocking system
EZ Cloud Restocking system Introducing the Restock System EZ Cloud’s Restock System accurately tracks your inventory to make sure you always have the right amount in stock at Amazon. You can see sales of your items and quantity required to cover the selected period. The report automatically gets data from Amazon every day and uses […]
Fba Reimbursement
Amazon doesn't always 'catch it' when they lose your item? Those items are 'Reimbursable Lost Items' and our program will help you to get reimbursed for them .
list on jet/walmart
list on jet fast & easy
Walmart Re-pricer Tool
Advanced re-pricer tool. Price management is automated, configure pricing options to match or beat competitor listings automatically.
Automated Price Maker
If your pricing is not being closely monitored, you can lose sales or even possibly sell at a loss. Save time and increase your sales and profits by automating your pricing with the EZ-Cloud Automated Pricer. The EZ Cloud Automated Pricer includes many great features not found in other pricing software.
TaskFlow by EZ Cloud for SellerCloud, Help Scout, and Email Automation
save time response to customer emails faster
Product Finder
save time make pos faster
eCommerce /brand websites
extend your sales on your own website
eBay&Walmart feedback review system /listing hijacking survey
EZ Cloud Software company seeks to provide innovative solutions that eCommerce sellers need but that don't exist yet from other providers. We are in the early stages of developing two new programs. Your participation in this short 3-minute survey will help us determine features and demand for the new programs - even if the survey appears to have 20 steps, it will skip steps based on your answers. As a token of our appreciation, all participants will be offered the new programs at a special discounted price. Your responses will remain anonymous.
Ebay/Amazon feedback& delivery program
The software makes the process of working with eBay incredibly simple and increases customer confidence.
Excel Support
formulas and Custom formulas Having trouble sorting out a formula or do you need a custom formula developed to extend Excel’s functionality? Our programmers can resolve your issues. Excel Support Are you struggling with some of the features in Excel? Do you just need some guidance from time to time? Our programmers and designers can […]
Comic strips
explain your product /idea
Po system
advanced po receiving system if you are getting containers from overseas
Auto refill system
The program will automatically refill system...
Animated videos about your product /service
Do you want to make the benefits and advantages of your products clear to your customers? Our highly skilled video animators will make a well-produced video like the ones below that showcase your product. Tell us what your product does and we will do the rest, from the story line to animations, and voiceover.  If […]
Amazon fba storage fee calculator
Adjust your price when amazon increases storage fees
Ebay/Amazon/Walmart Shabbat Mode
free tool Lekovod shabbos
SEO services
market your website and get more results
SEO Pros market your asin
get your asin on the first 10 results when the customer searches your keyword
Amazon Competition Sales Tracker
decide fast and easy what to buy
shipping to fba mix cases
are you shipping non case packed items to multiple fba locations and you or your workers or mixing up how much of this item is already in shipment 1 or 2  or is this item missing in 1 of the shipments? are you shipping small items and having a hard time to make sure you […]
Report image URL Extractor
Take a report on any product automatically...